Val Cunningham  - Owner, Instructor

Val Cunningham - Owner, Instructor

Our mission is to provide an inspiring, supportive and experienced teaching style to anyone wanting to learn dance; to create wholesome individuals by promoting spiritual, physical and mental awareness through movement and to unite and uplift the community through artistic risk and the dignity of self-expression.
— Val Cunningham, Owner

Val’s work is based on her lifelong study of the body in motion.  She is able to present the principles of natural body mechanics clearly and simply, enabling you to maximize your ability to excel in whatever area of movement you are interested in or challenged by.  Her teaching will revitalize the body and awaken dormant areas.  

Val fuses her background in all types of dance to create an opportunity for exploration of the body’s possibilities and the reintroduction of a sense of balance.  These principles also offer the opportunity to grow older with less physical pain, with beautiful posture and with the grace you've always admired.

Our various instructors and classes will help you to transform your everyday activities like walking, driving and sitting at your desk into something more enjoyable and rewarding. 

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  • Warm up and stretch
  • Use your feet and legs for balance, strength and agility
  • Stand and move with power and command
  • Practice being on and off balance
  • Soften your torso, while strengthening your center
  • Add grace to your body language and gestures
  • Execute dance moves to their full extent
  • Generate force and momentum when needed
  • Use major muscle groups like gluts, hamstrings and quads
  • Use core structural support - alignment of legs, back and arms
  • Expand your range of motion
  • Improve partnering skills and awareness
  • Gain a foundation for trusting your body
We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams!
— Albert Einstein