Partner Flow


Partner flow

Pioneering the profound healing and harmonious connection couples receive through the power, play & pleasure of partner dance.

Presenting partner flow - an 8 step program designed to bring life, love, and laughter back into your relationship through the practice of partner dance!
Derived from ballroom, Latin & swing dances as well as House, hip hop & soul to help you dance with anyone to anything, anywhere. 

Being trained Partner flow facilitators, we know exactly what tips, tricks & techniques to bestow to couples to bring their chemistry & connection back to its original state of when they first met, no matter how long they have been together.

Are you ready to take your relationship into your own hands and feel happier, healthier and more in love with your partner? Would you like your relationship to be like it was in the beginning but even better now?

We believe that with expert guidance and accountability as well as excellent feedback and support, anyone can become more successful in their relationship! We work with people who are ready to make a change, and we know through our experience and expertise, they will have nothing short of amazing results.



We believe in empowering couples with the skills they need to be successful in their relationship through the power, play and pleasure of parter dance.


To provide our clients with the most effective and comprehensive dance and relationship coaching program in the world.


To teach those seeking new, fun and sexy ways to engage with their partner which will organically enhance their relationship.


The Benefits of Partner Flow

  • It significantly improves communication, collaboration & creativity in your relationship

  • It helps the relationship feel closer, more connected and builds trust

  • It brings beauty around the vulnerabilities of moving your body unabashedly

  • It brings more love & harmony to the partnership

  • It enhances flirtation as well as sexual energy and play

  • One gains a sense of vitality & joy in your relationship

  • It improves both partner's mood

  • It causes a reduction in stress through movement

  • It will Increase your overall energy for your partner and your relationship

  • It helps build resilience and understanding around the differences & problems in your partnership

Once upon a time...

There was a wee girl from Limerick, Ireland, born with a twinkle in her eye for adventure and discovery. Thanks to her parents push for a good education, she received a degree in business from The University of Wales. She then set out into the world at the tender age of 21. After working many years in the tourism industry in Europe, Valerie ventured to the United States of America and landed in San Francisco.

After being seriously disappointed with the drabness of working downtown for corporate America, she made her dreams come true by studying to become not only a ballroom, latin and swing dancer but also an instructor. After five years of certifications and study, she became an independent contractor in her new field, partner dance. Val hasn’t looked back since.

In 2005, Val was a member of a salsa company called Harmony Project. Her company decided to do a show with a hip-hop company called Rare Form. One early Saturday morning at a rehearsal in a small studio in the mission district for the show "Street to Stage," Val from the Harmony project and Josh from Rare Form were put together as partners... little did they know of the spark that would ignite and change their lives forever.... Val and Josh continue to dance today, you can catch them showing off their moves at any of the hot clubs in San Francisco. They are happily married today, raising two beautiful girls.

Why do we need Partner Flow, relationship coaching, for our marriage?

For Val and Josh, it was through Partner Flow as well as working with their relationship coach that carried them through the transition they needed to reboot their relationship from often being on automatic to becoming beautifully alive and feeling deeply connected with each other. Partner Flow was what they needed to help integrate all of their dance and life lessons both on and off the dance floor for their relationship to thrive! Since working with their dance relationship coach, they have grown so much in their relationship and it has been the ongoing exercises and lessons in Partner Flow that they have done together, that has brought them to new heights. Partner Flow has offered them the knowledge and courage to take on anything that comes their way- the good, the bad and the ugly. 

What is integration of partner flow? 

Integration is the deeper work that happens after and in between your dance lessons. It is what creates the portal for your relationship to engage in and reawaken. Integration is the daily practice that walks you down the path of a successful relationship. It’s the energy that you put in to your relationship as well as the daily, weekly, and monthly exercises, practices, rituals and ceremonies you do together outside of your dance lessons. They may not be sexy all of the time but they are so necessary. Each one of them are key ingredients to the metamorphosis your partnership needs to make for your relationship to not only work but thrive!

How valuable would it be to have trusted mentors guide you through a three month journey to ignite your relationship to thrive? 

What Val has developed over the last 20 years, is creating incredibly transformational practices and experiences for those seeking to reignite their love! These are so important for any couple wanting to outlast the fear of breakup or divorce. We have built a three month program specifically for you. This program will accelerate your growth by providing an innovative yet fun and flirty way to engage, enhance and ignite your relationship. We understand the various challenges of navigating the world while in a marriage.  


This three-month program includes: 

1 ) 1 weekly call with Val

2 ) Remote sessions via Skype or FaceTime

3 ) Facebook group content, group contacts and community

4 ) Feedback and support calls and texts as needed

5 ) Actionable weekly assignments could include but not limited to

6 ) Deprograming old relationship paradigms that no longer suit your present relationship

7 ) Sexual empowerment coaching

8 ) Transformational physical, emotional and psychological work

9 ) Journaling rituals affirmations, practices prayers


you will ... 

1 ) Feel trusted in the work of you and your partner, and your relationship is going to create long lasting and transformational break throughs

2 ) Experience life through new little miracles, more joys and pleasures as well as more love for each other with a sense of ease and grace

3 ) Enjoy a new love language that will keep your relationship happier and healthier

2 ) Have a new sense of belonging in community that can go beyond friends or family

3 ) Enhance your combined energetic feel and flow to bring instinct and intuition to the fore front of your relationship

4 ) Be working as a person in full control of how and where your relationship goes, through greater mindfulness and awareness

5 ) Learn how to anchor the teachings of Partner Flow into your daily life

Partner Flow is dedicated to my Mum & Dad, Bertie and Joan Cunningham, who fell in love on the dance floor 55 years ago and are still happily dancing together today.

Partner Flow is dedicated to my Mum & Dad, Bertie and Joan Cunningham, who fell in love on the dance floor 55 years ago and are still happily dancing together today.

Partner Flow Pricing

1 hour taster - $130

6 lesson packages
(Save 8%)

1 hour per lesson $720

1.5 hour per lesson $1,020

2 hour per lesson $1,200

10 lesson package
(save 15%)

1 hour per lesson $1,100

1.5 hour per lesson $1,500

2 hour per lesson $1,900

20 lesson package
(save 25%)

1 hour per lesson $2,000

1.5 hour per lesson $2,600 

2 hour per lesson $3,200