We recommend five lessons in order to teach an elegant entrance, a core base, which includes fun basics intertwined with exciting patterns, spins and turns, and a finale with a big dip of course!

You will learn how to look natural, making you feel relaxed, comfortable, and confident, like you've been dancing your entire life. Each dance is custom crafted to your musical style and personal taste.

With more lessons you can have a fully choreographed routine which will “wow” your guests for years to come.

Allowing enough time to learn and practice together will make the dancing more fun, graceful and relaxed. Starting at least three months prior to the wedding day is highly recommended.


Our 10-lesson package encompasses everything from the 5-lesson package, plus:

  • A more in depth understanding of the give and take needed to create a dynamic dance, and a much closer connection between you and your partner.
  • Stretching to bring together breath, stillness and connection during a very busy and often stressful time.
  • Solo movement and partner dancing to the rest of the music that will be played the night of your wedding to bring even more fun to the dance floor.
  • The teachings of body and love languages in motion - a program to bring forth tools to enhance a loving, and enriching marriage to last the rest of your lives!


Dance Lesson and Party

Would you like to get more comfortable dancing with your mom or dad without the added stress of learning a choreographed routine? Are you looking for a package that will get you moving freely on the dance floor and having a blast with your mom or dad?  

Then this package is for you! Book Today!

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  • 1 Hour Lesson
  • Minimum 2 People, Maximum 8
  • $60 per person
  • Bring your favorite song to dance to
  • Father / Daughter.  Mother / Son.  Or any other family combo you can think of, we’ve seen it all!

The Groom & His Guys
Dance Lesson and Party

This one is for you Groom!  Do you want to show off your skills like only you & your crew can do?

Would you like to surprise your bride & bring the house down with some good laughs? 

Would you like to have a fun night out before your wedding with your groomsmen & pseudo-boy-band-friends?

Look no further! Book Today!

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  •   1 Hour Lesson
  •   Minimum 4 people Maximum 12
  • Bring your favorite song to dance to
  •  Bruno Mars, Tim McGraw or Jay Z,  we can work with it all!
  • $45 per person

The Bride & Her Besties
Dance Lesson and Party

Hey Bride, would you like to have a special night out with your girls laughing, singing and dancing? Would you like to surprise your husband to be w/ a secret choreographed routine? Would you like to raise the level on your wedding day with your special soul sisters?

Look no further! Book Today! 

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  • 1 Hour Lesson
  • Minimum 4 people Maximum 12
  •  Bring your favorite song to dance to
  • Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga - we’ve got you covered!
  • $45 per person


Bride and Groom - Would you like to get all your crew together for a fun night out dancing, laughing and connecting before the wedding so that everything flows better the day of? 

Would you like to surprise your guests with a fun dance routine to get the party started? 

Would you like to be more polished and organized when it comes to introducing your wedding party? 

Look no further! Book Today!

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  • Minimum 2 Hours, Maximum 4
  • Minimum 4 People, Maximum 12
  • Bring your favorite song to dance to
  •  Come with ideas or leave it all to us, it’s bound to be fabulous
  • $45 per person



  • ENHANCE & BRUSH-UP - for couples who already dance but want to review, polish, enhance their steps and perhaps add a little material or patterns to their already existing repertoire.
  • ModeInStyle: Bridal styling and design by creating a romantic mood through movement for your engagement shoot 
  • In House Music Editing with Blank Tape Productions
  • Father-Daughter Dance, Mother-Son Dance or teach your entire bridal party!
  • Ladies - Release the goddess within! Sensual movement and pole dancing for Bachelorette parties – book now!
  • Teaching at your wedding for your guests entertainment.
  • Referrals for wedding vendors especially cinematographers and photographers