I am extremely excited to now offer yoga privates, taught in the style of Sadhana Yoga, (spiritual practice). Derived from several different yoga traditions such as Ashtanga Vinyasa, Sivananda, Iyengar, and others; it's focus is the true essence of yoga tradition, instrumental to revealing the truth of our own existence and spiritual being.

Sadhana Yoga honors the 7 sacred charkas through varying series of Asanas. Sadhana Yoga has many different routines, such as Sadhana Vinyasa Yoga, Sadhana Hatha Flow Yoga, Sadhana Gentle Yoga, Sadhana Restorative Yoga, and Sadhana Shamanic Yoga, etc. Whatever routine we create, is for the purpose of a spiritual practice as well as naccommodate your own personal level and needs.

The typical routine and sequence of Sadhana Yoga is as follows:

  • Channeling the name of spirit and/or deities, to connect to your higher Self
  • Setting intentions or a theme for the class by bringing awareness to your inner being
  • Breathing exercise (typically fierce breath and alternate nostril breath)
  • A warm up including gentle stretches in seated, kneeling and standing position as well as sun salutations
  • Different Asanas to suit your level
  • A Closing sequence including a series of posture designed to work on each chakra from the top to the bottom
  • Relaxation in corpse pose processing three stages of relaxation. The first stage is to use progressive muscular relaxation from the toes to the head, then use auto-suggestion to let go the tension of body from toes to the head and let go the tension from internal organs. The second stage is to relax the mind and bring the mind into a state of no thought. The last stage is the spiritual relaxation where there is no thought only the sensation of vastness emptiness of universe
  • Reconnecting to the theme of the class through summary statements or spiritual healing concepts
  • Chanelling the name of spirit to express gratitude

Each posture is linked and connected with breath to create a Vinyasa sequence. Learning to move with breath and grace through Yoga will enlighten your soul, warm your heart and change your life.



Partner Yoga is a practice that expands the traditionally individual science of yoga into the realm of relationship. In traditional yoga practice, a person places his or her body into specific postures, while focusing on breath and body alignment. Designed for two people, Partner Yoga postures utilize the forms and principles of individual postures while incorporating the presence of another to deepen the impact of the pose. 

In Partner Yoga, there is no giver or receiver in a posture, thus all partners are fully engaged in their own experience. As partners work together, supporting one another, Partner Yoga provides a forum for examining larger principles of our human nature in relationship. During the practice, challenges arise and we often experience emotions and internal conflicts

The excitement, mistrust, anger, and other emotions we feel reflect our interpersonal patterns outside of yoga practice, and we begin to learn about our ways of being in relationship.  

Through seeing how we are in the practice, we are empowered with more choices in our lives. In this way, Partner Yoga becomes a playground for understanding ourselves and each other in ways that are safe and sacred. The Pleasures and Principles of Partner Yoga demonstrates how universal principles of relationship further our practices and our lives.

Partner Yoga is not a substitute for individual Yoga practice, it is an accelerated path to experience directly the root principle of Yoga - union. To experience union, we relax into the present moment and our individual presence. From this primary connection with ourselves, we realize our essential sameness and unity with others. 
Partner Yoga integrates the body-heart-mind-spirit connection through the use of universal principals such as trust, compassion, creativity.

Because Partner Yoga is nurturing and playful as well as instructive, it is accessible to a wide range of students. Partner Yoga provides a pathway into Yoga that may have previously seemed intimidating or inaccessible.

Partner yoga allows you to get deeper into the pose, with more support. There's also the basic human connection that happens when doing a pose together.  Val captivates and inspires to move beyond self-imposed limits to a richer experience of the heart, mind and body.



You're on a journey toward childbirth: Are you prepared for everything that lies ahead? 

Whether you're a yoga veteran in search of a new fun yoga routine, or you're new to yoga, Val Cunningham gives you all the tools to make your journey the best it can be. Prenatal Yoga is your support system throughout, leading to a more comfortable pregnancy, quicker and less painful labor, and a speedier postpartum recovery. You do not need to take this journey alone; Val is with you every step of the way.

Yoga Designed With You In Mind

Your pregnancy is a special time in your life, so why would you choose something other than a special style of prenatal yoga? Val Cunningham developed Prenatal Yoga during her own pregnancy when she realized that all styles of prenatal yoga offered, at that time, could not adequately prepare her physically and mentally for labor. She wanted a yoga practice that specifically served the needs of the pregnant woman: one that prepares women for the marathon event of childbirth, while helping women discover their inner power and strength needed during this transformative period in their lives.

Val found these empowering and strengthening qualities in the soft flow of Vinyasa Yoga. In her private lessons, she adapts Vinyasa Yoga for the unique needs of every pregnant women, providing a system that works with her body without sacrificing the intensity that one needs to prepare for childbirth. By learning to link your breath and movements in a constant flow, you’ll greatly increase your ability to work with your body during labor and childbirth, reducing the likelihood that you’ll need medication or other interventions.

How Can Prenatal Yoga Change Your Life?

Val has witnessed the powerful impact that Prenatal Yoga can have on a pregnant woman’s health, wellbeing and confidence. The strengthening that occurs in your yoga practice prepares the necessary muscles for labor and childbirth, often resulting in shorter labor, less pain, and fewer interventions, including a decrease in the need for Cesarean sections.

Pregnancy is a transformative milestone in your life, and Val can guide you the entire way through her Yoga Private lessons. You will get accustomed to using your breath while your muscles are releasing and contracting, which will help you stay more comfortable and relaxed during labor. Practicing Prenatal Yoga gives you access to the confidence you need during your journey into motherhood, and help you discover your own inner power and strength. 

Listen To Your Body

Val's private lessons give you many ways to listen to what your body is telling you. The program is designed to be accessible to pregnant women at any stage, from the minute you find out you’re pregnant right up until you give birth. She can create modifications for each trimester, allowing you to not only find a level that agrees with your body, but also address the changes occurring every day. No matter what level of practice you choose, Prenatal Yoga will empower you to have a connected, strong, and healthy pregnancy, and the best possible transition into motherhood.


Postnatal "Mommy and Me" Yoga Privates: A fun interactive yoga class for both Parent and Infant! Classes will include postures (asana), breathwork (pranayama), and bonding exercises. You will spend time nuturing your baby while caring for yourself. At the end of class you will feel relaxed and restored.

  • Do you want ancient information on how to get back in shape after labor, and consciously elevating your baby’s soul?
  • Do you want beautiful music to support and uplift you? 
  • Learn yogic breathing techniques to help you during late night crying sessions with your new baby!

Benefits of Postnatal Yoga for You

In Postnatal Yoga, you will regain strength, energy and stamina that was lost during your pregnancy and birth. All exercises are safe and geared toward the postnatal body, focusing on rebuilding strength within the abdominal area, pelvic muscles and back. You will learn how to release tension in the neck and shoulders as well as bring balance back to the spine after experiencing the stresses of pregnancy and labor. Postnatal yoga can give your post-pregnancy body the extra-special care it needs, helping to relieve neck and shoulder tension, supporting your back, opening your hips, tightening your pelvic floor, and providing core toning. Postnatal yoga presents the opportunity to reconnect with your body following the transformative experience of childbirth. Postnatal yoga helps you re-discover yourself in your new role as mom, and helps give you physical and emotional strength and energy to meet motherhood.  Conscious breathing can additionally help to relax your body and mind and help you to center.  As your Postnatal teacher, I offer compassionate, present and attuned private lessons and can offer adjustments and suggestions specific for your body.

Benefits of Postnatal Yoga for Your Baby

Tactile, auditory and visual contact is important for your child's brain development and emotional well-being and can help assimilate trust and security. Trust and security lead to development of self confidence, the foundation of a balanced body, mind and spirit. By practicing certain postural sequences you can help establish routine, which builds on your babies knowledge of anticipation which can help develop language. Your baby may also sleep better and longer as a result of the physical and mental stimulation gained during postnatal yoga. Your infant will enjoy spending quality one on one time with you!