sat 9 am

60 minutes

Mikey is a Certified Barre Fitness Instructor through Barre Above ®. Barre classes are low-impact and are conducive to all fitness levels. They are also particularly enjoyed by women since they incorporate graceful movements and elements of ballet, allowing participants to experience a dance “element” in the workouts and achieve a dancer’s body. Barre workouts are perfect for all fitness levels. You’ll see improvement in your posture, balance, strength, and flexibility. While many interpret barre workouts differently, most barre workouts are a fusion of yoga, Pilates, strength training, and ballet. Barre classes incorporate specific sequencing patterns and isometric movements that target specific muscle groups. This pattern of exercise helps to improve strength, balance, flexibility and posture.


Sat 10 am

60 minutes

Mikey is a licensed Zumba ® and Zumba ® Circuit Instructor and can’t wait to get everyone strong and sweaty! A fun, high energy cardio HIIT* class that is sure to get you sweating! Simple, easy to follow moves are designed to work your muscles and get your heart rate going. Once you get into the flow of it, you'll find yourself letting go and having the most fun you've ever had while working out! The end result is a sweatier, happier you! Wear clothes you can and shoes that you can move in. No equipment required, but you may want to bring a towel and something to drink! See you on the dance floor!

*HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a training technique in which you give all-out, one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods. Studies show that after HIIT training, some people burned almost 200 extra calories after exercising.

fempower heels

Sun 7 pm

60 minutes

Beginner level conditioning class open to EVERYONE, all bodies, all genders, all gender expressions, all sexualities, looking to train and strengthen. Half fitness and half technique. Strengthen and train the muscles used to support your body while you're in heels. Class consists of a variety of stretches, barre inspired bodyweight exercises, balancing exercises, dance techniques, along with various heel drills. We begin barefeet or with shoes, then put on our heels for the latter half of class. Bring a yoga mat, let's get strong together!!

fempower heels dance

sun 8pm

60 minutes

Beginner level heels dance class for ALL femmes of ALL genders and ALL bodies and ALL orientations. I'm a gender non conforming, ultra queer femme boy. So it's a #nojudgementzone here! #queer #gay #nonconforming Wear clothes that are comfortable to move in, bring knee pads if you have them, or wear pants or leggings. It would help with floor work if we get there. Class starts with a sensual warm up, choreo is then broken down in 8 counts so that it is easy to follow. Come and empower your femme in a safe space that is for everyone.

free flow

time tbd

60 minutes

An hour of time just for you, where you get to go with the flow of the music. Come to class and find your own flow and unique style. More details to be announced, stay tuned for more!