I wanted to take a moment to let you know that our first dance at our wedding 10 days ago was magical!! It didn't go exactly as planned as the band played our song a little differently than the recording, but we went with it, had an absolute blast, and enjoyed every moment. I can't wait to get the video to share with you - my wedding planner said that she sees first dances all the time so never gets emotional, but she teared up. And the band loved it so much, they are adding our song to their repertoire. My dance with my dad, and Tim's dance with his mom, also were great. 

I cannot thank you enough for the lessons in dance, and in life, that you shared with Tim and I in the weeks leading up to our wedding. I truly feel that we are a stronger couple and better communicators with each other, thanks to you. I was hoping for a beautiful first dance and to get Tim more comfortable on the dance floor, and I got that but also so much more. 

- Rehana