Initially, when my then fiancée and I were looking at dance studios to help us with our first dance, we thought that our instructor, Kayleigh, would be teaching us a routine, but at The Dance Loft, they instruct you on how to perform several dance moves that can then be utilized in an improvised manner. This improvisation purportedly aids in alleviating the pressure of remembering a set routine. In the end, we created our own routine with the dance moves that Kayleigh taught us, and we certainly appreciated having the tools to do so. On our wedding night, my wife and I performed our first dance exceptionally well. There was hardly any pressure at all, which enabled us to focus on each other, be present in the moment, and enjoy our first dance together. Our guests were pleasantly surprised that we had a choreographed routine, that unbeknownst to them, was choreographed by ourselves with the help of Kayleigh. See, what made The Dance Loft a good value for us was that Kayleigh taught us a number of dance moves to put into our repertoire, and based on our comfort level with the steps and how we felt about the song we were dancing to, we were then able to use those moves to formulate our overall routine. The entire experience was very empowering in that we felt like we had complete ownership of our first dance. It wasn’t a routine given to us, but rather a routine that my wife and I put together. All-in-all, Kayleigh, and The Dance Loft was an excellent investment for us. It made our wedding memorable, unique, classy, and all our own. The dance moves we learned have a shelf life well beyond our wedding too and my wife and I look forward to going back to The Dance Loft for some follow-up sessions. It’s definitely worth it! - "Robert from Wedding Wire"