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Date Night: Fun & Flirting Through Dance


Date Night: Fun & Flirting Through Dance

Looking for a great way to enjoy a date together that is playful, lively, intimate and fun? Let’s try dancing together!

DATE & TIME: Friday, March 10th, 7-9:30pm
LOCATION: The Dance Loft 2475 3rd Street at 22nd, Suite 311, 3rd Floor, San Francisco, CA
COST: $70 until 3/7; $100 after

Dance involves all of your senses, enhancing touch and connection between you and your partner. At this Date Night you’ll enjoy laughing and having fun with each other, while opening up to a bigger appetite for sensuality.

Whether you are a newlywed or have been married for many years, a date night of dancing together will create a positive change in your communication, intimacy and confidence as a couple.

Dance causes couples to rely on non-verbal communication, which helps to build a mutual connection. With dance, you can experiment with your relationship dynamics by switching your usual roles of follower and leader. Both of you may discover that it’s not as easy as you imagined. When you shift back, you’ll experience your dance differently.

Dance helps you discover new ways of interacting with your partner. Dancing together involves looking into each other’s eyes, and anticipating the next move. It opens up energy channels of feeling and connection that rejuvenate your relationship.

Join us for a night of dancing and fun to improve your overall sense of well-being, reduce stress, better your posture, strengthen your eye contact, laugh with each other and perhaps most importantly, boost your intimacy and passion in the bedroom.


What you will gain from this workshop:
-Getting out of the familiar and into a new experience of your partner
-Skills for developing mutual respect and understandingDaily practices that support intimacy (and they only take a few minutes)
-Building intimacy and passion through dance
-Attuning and connecting to your partner through non-verbal communication
-Developing a basic swing step with your partner that you can use to dance to any sort of music at any venue. It’s the most practical rhythm!

This Date Night is sponsored by The Couples Center and led by Val Cunningham and Joshua Hoover. Joshua and Val are a married couple and teach various genres of dance in San Francisco at The Dance Loft.

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